Things used in this project

Hardware components:
MediaTek Labs LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo
SeeedStudio Grove Breakout for LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo
SeeedStudio Grove Light Sensor
SeeedStudio Grove Electricity Sensor
SeeedStudio Grove Temperature Sensor
SeeedStudio Grove Relay
13285 01
PIR Motion Sensor (generic)
The motion sensor used in the project was part of the existing room infrastructure
Spelsberg TK PC 1809-6-tm Enclosure (IP66)
Spelsberg TK MPI-1809 Mounting Plate
Software apps and online services:
Slack icon


Circuit Diagram - Sensors & Actuators
Fritzing diagram bb kom7ge1git


Application Repo
This repo contains the code for a 'smart' IoT-enabled Slack bot that manages a room. It's a python flask app written to run on the LinkIt Smart 7688 DUO



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