To unleash your design creativity, the LinkIt ONE HDK works together with the LinkIt ONE SDK (for Arduino) to offer a robust yet flexible development platform. The HDK delivers the LinkIt ONE development board, a product co-designed with Seeed Studio.

This product combines Seeed’s knowledge in open hardware and MediaTek’s hardware board reference design, to offer a high performance, open source development board. It's based on the world's leading SOC for Wearables, MediaTek MT2502 (Aster) combined with high performance Wi-Fi (MT5931) and GNSS (MT3332) chipsets. It also provides similar pin-out features to Arduino boards, making it easy for you to connect to various sensors, peripherals and Arduino shields, and offers you a development process that will be instantly familiar.

At Labs, we identify with creative and driven pioneers in the maker and developer communities. Use our LinkIt ONE platform to turn your prototypes into products and make it big with something small.

LinkIt ONE development is fully supported on the MediaTek Labs site: check out the LinkIt ONE section to download the SDK and register here to participate in the Forums and more.

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