The Hashtag Hunter
  • 367
  • 4

The Hashtag hunter lets you know what the trending topic is when it pops up somewhere in the world.

Smart Microgrid Monitoring
  • 304
  • 3

Smart City is one of the big ideas. We need a lot of smart devices with different abilities for designing a smart city.

Smart Weather Station (IoT)
  • 432
  • 2

The goal of this project is to make a temperature/humidity monitor that wirelessly logs the their values to a remote server.

Motion activated wall outlet
  • 115
  • 0

A wall outlet that turns on and off when motion is sensed

Project Aquatix 6 IoT Water Harvesting System
  • 3,025
  • 19

saving water smartly.

Realtime Air Quality Monitor
  • 687
  • 8

This is first edition project made using LinkIt One. The final outcome will be a portable device showing air quality on web.

Air Quality System using LinkIt ONE and MCS
  • 2,363
  • 24

Monitor the Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Air Quality, Dust particle concentration online & even detect Fire using LinkIt ONE & Sensors.

Linkit One: Water Level Indicator
  • 1,095
  • 26

In this project we will learn on making water level indicator using linkit one. This project could help you save water more efficiently.

Inhibit Drink and Drive using LinkIt ONE
  • 421
  • 6

A System which aims to monitor and thereby to control the "Drinking and Driving" cases.

Smart Car Parking
  • 1,866
  • 9

A website that shows the Empty car parkings available of a particular store or shopping mall.

  • 1,259
  • 7

Wake up to hearing the daily weather report, what traffic will be like, your favorite music, or the mornings top headlines.

Crying AED
  • 1,145
  • 5

In cases of cardiac arrest, every moment counts. AED which able to cry (alarm) can easily gain attraction of people who looking for it.

Cat Tracker with Linkit One
  • 1,039
  • 4

Using the Linkit One and an LED, I created a system to always find my cat.

Load Shedding Notifier
  • 623
  • 8

A simple LinkIt ONE project that sends an SMS notification when there is a power outage or when power has been restored.

CarPal! Your automobile's OBD-II dashboard buddy
  • 1,609
  • 16

Securily connect your car to the Web with a MediaTek Linkit One to share location, record vital statistics and help fight air pollution.

The Sustainable Agriculture Ecosystem
  • 1,239
  • 12

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the agriculture industry and enabling farmers to contend with the enormous challenges they face

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